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Official Announcement: Inactive Operation Notice for MyHolo TV

01 May 2024

[Press Release] Official Announcement: Inactive Operation Notice for MyHolo TV Hello everyone, It is with a heavy heart to announce that as of May 31, 2024, MyHolo TV Entertainment will officially be inactive until further notice. MyHolo TV was established in May 2020, with the vision of connecting the worldwide community with Japan’s Anime and VTuber culture through new entertainment mediums and managing talents who seek to be VTubers while supporting their streaming activities. While we have faced many challenges and learning curves over the course of four years in the VTuber industry, we also had the privilege of working with many immensely skilled talents. We will always be extremely appreciative and grateful for their contributions, as their hard work and continued efforts have allowed MyHolo TV to produce quality entertainment throughout these years. Nonetheless, after careful consideration and evaluation, we have reached the difficult decision to halt the company's operations for one year while we restructure our organization, as we no longer have sufficient resources to continue efficiently. However, we remain open to possibilities of future investments with better strategies without compromising our principles of sustainability. Regarding the Talents, we would like to state some updates here: Liliana Vampaia and Lunaris Urufi will be under a new revised contract regarding the usage of the company's intellectual property and limited services. Liola Lightbringer’s selected intellectual property (Re:CorD character outfit) and all her social media channel ownership will be acquired by the Talent. Karrot Keromi will be returning to the Talent’s original identity as “Karrot” upon mutual agreement for early release of partnership contract, while the intellectual property will remain with the Company. Liola and Karrot will be graduating from agency and resume their independent activities on 1st June 2024. Events planned and merchandise orders placed for May 2024 will continue as scheduled, and MyHolo TV fans should tune in to each Talent’s social media for more information regarding their respective plans for their activities after May 31, 2024. MyHolo TV's official channels – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and X (formerly known as Twitter) – will not be deactivated; they will remain active to serve as an archive. Any fan mails received by May 31, 2024 will still be delivered to Talents as usual, however we ask that fans refrain from making inquiries to Talents directly, and to direct any business-related questions regarding this announcement to From here, we would like to sincerely thank all of our fans who have supported us through four years of our operations. A Word from the CEO, Kel Win Tan Wednesday, 1 May 2024 MyHolo TV

Announcement: Liola Lightbringer's 3 Weeks Break

09 April 2024

We would like to inform you that Liola will be taking 3 weeks break from any streaming activities from this announcement. She will be active in social media platform occasionally. Date: 8th April 2024 to 30th April 2024. MyHolo TV would like to thank you all once again for your continuous support to Liola and look forward to welcome her back at the beginning of May 2024.

Liola Birthday 2024 Merchandise

09 March 2024

Liola Lightbringer Birthday Merchandise are now available for preorder FOR A LIMITED TIME so don't forget to grab yours before it ends! Every purchase will receive a 4K HD WALLPAPER OF LIOLA LIGHTBRINGER BIRTHDAY ARTWORK WITH EXCLUSIVE MESSAGE AND SIGNATURE so what are you waiting for? Grab yours now using the link below! Link:

Lunaris Birthday 2024 Merchandise

20 January 2024

Lunaris Urufi's Birthday Merchandise are now AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME in MyHoloTV online store!! Get a discount for the merchandise when you grab Lunaris Urufi's Birthday Pack so make sure to grab it while it's still available!

ReCord A New Beginning - Karrot Keromi & Liola Lightbringer

02 December 2023

Any guesses on Re:Cord’s outfits? Don't forget to send your drawings under #ReCordANewBeginning & catch the debut stream on 2 December, 19:00 GMT+8 at #MyHoloTV channel!! BIG hints coming soon from Karrot Keromi - (12:30PM GMT+1 / 7:30PM GMT+8) Liola Lightbringer - (8:30PM GMT+8)

Announcement of Woozie Wannai's Graduation

10 July 2023

It is accordance with Talent’s wishes, the graduation date has been set in Malaysia time zone as stated below: Woozie Wannai (Tridoxa): Monday, 31st July 2023 (9:00 AM GMT+8) Please check out Woozie Wannai's Youtube channel for the upcoming graduation day stream.

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