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Announcement of Woozie Wannai's Graduation

10 July 2023

It is accordance with Talent’s wishes, the graduation date has been set in Malaysia time zone as stated below: Woozie Wannai (Tridoxa): Monday, 31st July 2023 (9:00 AM GMT+8) Please check out Woozie Wannai's Youtube channel for the upcoming graduation day stream.

Announcement: Liliana Vampaia’s 2 Month Break

04 January 2023

We would like to inform everyone that Lili will be taking 2 month break to adjust to her new location and schedule as she further her studies. Her channel will continue to upload new offline contents and she will be active in social media platform occasionally.

MyHolo TV - TRIDOXA's VTuber Debut Announcement 2022

25 October 2022

MyHolo TV has announced the formulation of a new group, titled “TRIDOXA” on October 25. The members of the group will consist of new talents, Woozie Wannai (湾内ウージ), Karrot Keromi (カロット ケロミ) and Liola Lightbringer (リオーラ) MyHolo TV will release an original song of TRIDOXA's group on the debut date on 6 November 2022. Karrot Keromi (カロット ケロミ) - Debut: 2:00 PM CET / 8:00 PM GMT+8 (SUN - 6/11)

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